"Climate and Human Rights Dialogue"

In April 2024, the European Court of Human Rights delivered judgments in three climate-related cases. In parallel, climate and human rights litigation is active at national level in various countries. We would therefore like to stimulate a discussion on what is this interaction between climate and human rights, how are climate cases being pursued at both national and European level, and what is the situation and capacity of Latvia, stereotyped as a "green" country, in the field of climate and human rights? Will climate and human rights cases be litigated in Latvia soon?

The discussion will take place on 28 May, from 14:00 - 16:00 at Riga Graduate School of Law. The event is organised by the Baltic Human Rights Society in cooperation with the Riga Graduate School of Law and the human rights self-help platform Human Rights Guide (, which will soon also include a climate theme.

Discussions with experts

The event will open with an opening speech by Client Earth human rights expert Ilze Tralmaka, followed by a discussion with leading experts in the field.

Moderator - Lauris Liepa, COBALT Managing Partner, Attorney at Law

The following will share their expertise:

  • Ilze Prūse, Director, Strategic Coordination Department, Ministry of Climate and Energy
  • Jānis Brizga, Green Freedom, CEO, Environmental Scientist
  • Ilze Tralmaka, Client Earth, Law and Policy Advisor, Human Rights Lawyer
  • Madara Melņika, Constitutional Court, Assistant Judge, Human Rights Lawyer