Human rights education

Human Rights Guide available in Slovakia

The Human Rights Guide – a human rights education and a self-help platform created by Baltic Human Rights Society (BHRS) continues to extend and reach more and more people.


In May 2021 the Slovak version of the platform was launched, and has become accessible to more than five million inhabitants of Slovakia. 

Opening event took place in premises of the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights in Bratislava on 18 June 2021. The event was opened by the Chairman of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia Dr. Kálmán Petocz who presented the Guide and its functions and offered possibilities. The theme choice was explained as well, especially taking into account the themes included in the Guide and their relevance in Slovakia. The executive director of BHRS Ms. Agnese Koligina participated online and told about the concept of the Human Rights Guide and the experience in the Baltic States. 

The event gained remarkable attention and active participation of visitors.  The Guide will serve as a gate to promote cooperation between the state and non-governmental sector in order to work further on sustainable human rights education strategy in Slovakia. 

The dissemination campaign of the Human Rights Guide Slovakia was also organised in the city public transport in three largest cities - Bratislava, Košice and Banská Bystrica.

The preparation of Slovak version of the Guide was started already in the end of 2019 by BHRS in cooperation with Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia and seven themes were prepared. Work with extension of the Guide with new human rights themes important for Slovakia will be continued also in the coming years with support of Erasmus+ strategic partnership programme and other donors.

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