Human rights education

Human Rights Guide campaigns on public transport in Slovenia, Estonia and Lithuania

The Human Rights Guide is an online information, education and self-help platform to help understand human rights in different situations. It aims to help people gain knowledge on human rights in different situations by explaining them through themes. The guide not only helps to learn about human rights and understand their basic issues, but also to assess whether a possible human rights violation has occurred and what to do about it.

Various publicity channels are used to distribute information about the Human Rights Guide to the wider public, including members of the public who may find the Guide particularly useful. To this end, public transport campaigns in Slovenia, Estonia and Lithuania were organised in October and November 2021 and in January 2022.

The campaign in Slovenia was organised in seven cities - Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Novo mesto, Koper, Novo Gorica and Morska Sobota. The campaign used large posters to promote the Human Rights Guide. This campaign took place shortly after the launch of the Guide in Slovenia and lasted seven days. 

In Estonia, the campaign was organised in Tartu and Tallinn and lasted seven days. The posters were placed at bus stops and light stands to promote the Human Rights Guide.  

In Lithuania, the campaign lasted two weeks and was organised in Vilnius and Kaunas. The posters were placed at public transport stops and were complemented by a social media campaign. Within the social media campaign "Where to find out about your rights?" members of the public were invited to take photos in front of the posters and post them on their social media accounts with the hashtag #kurrastisavoteises.