Cilvēktiesī — The latest on human rights in Latvia

Cilvēktiesī is a non-profit platform on human rights news, opinions and thematic articles. It brings together professionals, academics, students, non-governmental organizations and state institutions with the goal of informing society about important human rights issues and events in Latvia on a national and international level, encompassing legislation and events, as well as publications, opinions and interviews.

The content of Cilvēktiesī is created by a team of editors, under the leadership of which special reporters work on keeping up with the latest, prepare news about particular areas or in connection with particular organizations, as well as authors, who prepare opinion and thematic articles. This platform was created in 2018 and it is the initiative of the non-governmental organization Baltic Human Rights Society. It has been financially supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme (2017-2018), the Ministry of Culture and the Society Integration Foundation using funding from the Latvian state budget (2019, 2022).  

Get involved 

Cilvēktiesī is a platform which brings people together who have the desire to share news on human rights and to find out more about these themselves. This is why we invite reporters onto our team who wish to follow human rights events in a particular area and to tell others about them, as well as authors, who wish to share their opinions to facilitate diversity in discussions on human rights.


Become a partner 

Cilvēktiesī collaborates with state institutions and non-governmental organizations which operate in the field of protection of human rights. These partners publish press releases about their work and current events to inform society, and also support our team with advice within the framework of their competence.