Human rights education

Right to health, housing, food - New rights explanations added to the Human Rights Guide

To strengthen its educational value, the Human Rights Guide has been updated with ten new explanations of rights.

The Human Rights Guide explains the meaning of various human rights enshrined in international conventions and national constitutions, complementing the main objective of the Human Rights Guide - to explain human rights through social themes for self-help - with a rights-based educational approach. Rights are explained using relevant examples from the national contexts of the partner countries, adding relevant international sources and linking rights to the relevant topics of the Guide.

Explanations of the following rights are annexed to the Human Rights Guide:

- Prohibition of slavery and forced labour
- Prohibition of discrimination
- Right to an effective remedy
- Protection of property 
- Freedom of movement
- Abolition of the death penalty
- Right to health
- Right to housing
- Right to food
- Right to water and sanitation

In total, the Human Rights Guide currently contains 20 different explanations of rights, including those already added above - right to life, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, right to education, etc. 

The materials have been developed by the Baltic Human Rights Society with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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