BHRS was founded in early 2012 as a non-profit initiative with the aim of disseminating information on human rights and to contribute to the culture of human rights in Latvia and the rest of the Baltic region. It is a network of human rights professionals and academics and engages in research, consultancy, teaching and educational work. Currently, it is focussed on the following areas:


Human Rights Education — currently, BHRS is implementing a long-term human rights education programme in the Baltics and other European partner organization countries. The aim of the programme is to inform and educate people about human rights and assist them to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to understanding and defending their rights in daily life. As part of the programme, BHRS is developing and creating easy-to-use and freely accessible human rights education materials in different formats aimed at facilitating perception and learning. The programme is being implemented in collaboration with our partner organizations in Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, France and Croatia. The experts at BHRS are also engaged in developing and delivering courses and lectures to employees in the public sector and law-enforcement agencies, and to university students.

Research & Consultancy — BHRS serves as a platform for professionals and academics with general and specialized expertise in human rights and related areas. Individually and collectively, members take part in commissioned research projects, policy related consultancy work, expert groups, panel discussions, as well as delivering lectures, training, and workshops to civil servants, legal professionals, and university students.