BHRS commences a project with the support of the NGO foundation for 2023-2024

As of 1 January 2023, the Baltic Human Rights Society has started the implementation of the project "Support for NGO Contribution to Civic and Human Rights Education" within the framework of the programme "NGO Fund" financed by the Latvian State Budget.

Civic and human rights education is one of the most effective methods for building a democratic culture. Often the lack of knowledge about the basic values of democracy, the democratic process and practical forms of participation is the reason for the lack of people's belief in the importance of their actions in strengthening democracy. This lack of knowledge results in a lack in abilities and attitudes. Civic education develops all these aspects: knowledge, abilities and attitudes. By educating citizens about their rights and responsibilities and strengthening their belief in each individual as an asset and part of society, the necessary basis is created to motivate citizens to take civic action, which in turn lays the foundations for building a diverse, tolerant and solidarity-based society. The Council of Europe Charter on Citizenship and Human Rights Education highlights the important contribution that non-governmental organisations can make directly to the provision of such education, particularly at the informal level. This is why BHRS has been investing in the development of civic and human rights education for almost 10 years, both by promoting structural change and by providing and actively disseminating online educational tools, freely accessible to all, which are used by a large number of users each year and are further used in both formal and informal educational settings.

Based on this premise, the project aims to raise public awareness of human rights, democratic values and civic processes through human rights and civic education:

  • By involving young people in active citizenship and human rights education activities and promoting volunteering in this field;
  • Ensuring public access to quality information on civic ideas and human rights that stimulates understanding and debate;
  • Strengthening the capacity of the Society to act in the field of civic and human rights education, including participation in decision-making processes and policy-making.

The project has been granted funding of EUR 65 998.80 for the time period of 2023-2024 from the Latvian state budget to implement these objectives.