BHRS engages in Europe’s Fundamental Rights Forum

BHRS, as FRANET cooperation partner on 11 and 12 March, 2024 participated in the Fundamental Rights Forum, a significant event hosted by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency. Held in person in Vienna and online the forum provided a crucial platform for stakeholders across Europe to address pressing human rights challenges and shape rights-based future.

Themed "Rights in motion: Embracing human rights for Europe’s future," the Forum tackled multifaceted issues including climate change, technological advancements, and threats to democracy and civic space. 

The Forum's structure encompassed three main pillars: the Marketplace of Connection, the Forum Stage, and the Human Rights Lab. Through these avenues, participants were able to network, share insights, and explore innovative solutions to complex challenges.

In the Marketplace of Connection, participants had the opportunity to forge partnerships and collaborate on initiatives aimed at advancing human rights agendas. The Forum Stage provided a platform for global leaders and change-makers to offer high-level insights and reflections on pressing issues, while the Human Rights Lab facilitated knowledge-sharing and skill-building through masterclasses and immersive presentations.

A notable aspect of the Forum was its inclusive approach, welcoming both traditional and non-traditional actors in the human rights sphere. Representatives from EU institutions, governments, academia, civil society, as well as leaders from business, arts, entertainment, sports, and faith communities, came together to spark fresh thinking and work towards collective solutions.

A significant emphasis was placed on youth participation, reflecting the Forum's commitment to intergenerational dialogue and the inclusion of diverse voices in decision-making processes. BHRS actively engages with youth representatives, recognizing the importance of considering the rights of future generations in today's discussions.

As the Forum concluded, the participants emerged with renewed insights and a strengthened commitment to advancing human rights and civic participation across Europe. By actively participating in events like the Fundamental Rights Forum, BHRS continues to play a vital role in shaping a more just and equitable future for all.

The Fundamental Rights Forum, organized by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency under the patronage of the Austrian President, stands as a testament to the collective effort needed to address the critical human rights challenges of our time. Through collaboration and dialogue, participants like BHRS contribute to the ongoing pursuit of a rights-based society that upholds the dignity and well-being of all individuals.