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Human Rights Guide launch event in Moldova

The Human Rights Guide was unveiled in Moldova on 23rd November this year with a presentation of the Guide at the Summit Events Conference Centre at Kishinev. The event attracted participants from state human rights institutions, ministries, universities, libraries, human rights organizations, as well as lawyers and diplomats.

Several cooperation partners, including Edgars Bondars, the Republic of Latvia’s Ambassador to Moldova, Oxana Gumennaia, the Moldovan Republic’s Deputy People’s Advocate and Lela Metreveli, HRE Director, made speeches at the unveiling presentation. They emphasized the importance of the Human Rights Guide in the everyday lives of community members. Evghenii Alexandrovici Goloșceapov, a Moldovan Equality Council member and Agnese Koligina, the Executive Director of the Baltic Human Rights Society also presented speeches at the event. 

The Human Rights Guide in Moldova is a multilingual resource, which is available in the Romanian, Russian and English languages. The seven main topics in the Guide, as well as knowledge tests associated with them and descriptions of rights:

  1. What are human rights?
  2. Human rights institutions
  3. Organizations which can assist
  4. Courts and due process
  5. Correctional institutions
  6. Discrimination
  7. Family

Experts who took part in the development of the Human Rights Guide in Moldova, introduced participants at the event to each topic, providing detailed information and solutions to everyday situations. 

Two television channels, Realitatea TV and Jurnal TV, provided direct broadcasts and news reports of the event. The Moldovan Office of the People’s Advocate, the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Moldova, and the Public Rights Academic Library expressed their gratitude and support, publishing articles about the unveiling of the Human Rights Guide in Moldova. The Human Rights Embassy and the Baltic Human Rights Society were active in the distribution of information and in reporting about it on social networks, providing a detailed insight into the importance of the event and facilitating its recognition.

The Human Rights Guide in Moldova is a part of the European Human Rights education platform, which provides online resources and opportunities for cooperation in the human rights field. The Guide is already available in 10 European countries, and now in Moldova as well. The introduction of the Guide confirms Moldova’s resolution to raise human rights culture and good governance in Moldova. The Human Rights Guide in Moldova is a step forward, broadening the understanding of human rights and encouraging civic participation. The Human Rights Guide is available on the site, as well as on the common European platform.

The Human Rights Guide in Moldova was created by non-government organizations, the Baltic Human Rights Society and the Human Rights Embassy Moldova with financial support from the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Latvia within the framework of the “Inclusive Education on Human Rights – the Path to Good Governance and Democratic Participation” developmental cooperation project.
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