Human rights education

New theme on hate crimes and hate speech added to the Human Rights Guide

The Human Rights Guide is a freely accessible online platform providing education on human rights and self-help. Its goal is to assist in understanding human rights applying in different situations, explaining these through the themes. The Guide not only helps in introducing human rights, but also to understand how human rights relate to situations in our daily lives and evaluate whether a human rights violation has taken place and how to react. The Guide is also useful for professional users whose work duties are related to the application of human rights. It also serves as a supplementary aid in human rights education for students and lecturers.

This summer, a new theme on hate crimes and hate speech was added to the Guide. This theme explains, what kind of conduct could be qualified as hate crimes and what kind of expressions could be qualified as hate speech, what is the responsibility for hate crimes and hate speech, who can become victims of hate crimes and hate speech and in what kind of situations, and where to turn for help. 

The Human Rights Guide also contains such themes as a fair trial, data and privacy, discrimination, the family and other important topics. In addition, the Guide provides information on the institutions and organisations which protect human rights in Latvia and Europe, specifically explaining the opportunities for individuals to seek assistance from them. 

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